Course Development

Fast-track Content Development

Provide the following information on our Intake Form:

  1. What is the purpose of your training?

  2. Who is your target audience and what is their skill level?

  3. What are the skills you want users to achieve?

  4. Do you need us to host your content for you?

Course Templates

Storyboard and eLearning Templates

You can download our Storyboard templates to help organize your content.

Select an eLearning template and an Instructional Technologist can start transforming your content into an online course.

eLearning templates can be customized with a color palette and logo to match your business brand.

LMS Hosting

We can host your courses

Provide us with the list of users for your online training and we'll take care of the rest.

Course progress and completion is tracked for users with gamification features.

Our hosting fees are per user, so you only pay for what you need.

If you choose your own hosting solution, we'll make sure your courses work there, too.